SWX is our space to collaborate. We serve as the connective tissue between artists, brands and culture.

Secret Walls has been the world's premier live art event since 2006. We’ve traveled from continent to continent forging deep connections with thousands of the most renowned artists on the planet. Nobody knows artists like we do. 

SWX is uniquely positioned to deliver the most authentic artist-driven campaigns imaginable for our brand partners. It’s in our DNA. 




We joined forces one of the foremost luxury car brands, Bentley Motors, to create ‘Art In Motion’ - a series of films celebrating the power of inspiration as told through the attributes and focused design language of the 2021 Bentley Bentayga SUV.
Three of today’s most prolific young artists - It's A Living, Mikael B and Laci Jordan - were given the opportunity to experience the Bentayga firsthand and create an original work inspired by this awesome vehicle. The entire journey was documented in a soul stirring cinematic film suite directed by Secret Walls and our friends at EVO Films.
Each unique piece created during this residency was then auctioned in December of 2020, collectively raising an incredible $23,000 for LA based organization Inner-City Arts. Together we were able to empower our featured artists to leave their own legacy for the next generation of creators.



We teamed up with EA Sports and Madden 21 to help announce the five latest NFL superstars to become members of the prestigious "99 Club" - reserved for the NFL players with the highest possible rating in the game.
For this project we invited five killer artists from our network - Gabe Gault, Mags Munroe, Ceaux Young, Scribe and Jeks One - to create a canvas portrait of the players; each artist local to the team of each player to give the paintings that extra special connection. An announcement video was also created with Nina Palomba at our Los Angeles HQ.
COVID-19 ensured that this project pivoted and transformed at least 3 times, from murals on city streets around the US, to hand-built walls in empty stadiums to the end result of glorious paintings on large 6’ x 5’ canvases with the artists filming themselves using nothing but an iPhone and a carefully curated shot list. The end result is definitely representative of the times, but proves that no matter what the conditions, creativity can most definitely win when the right team is in place!



Secret Walls hosted Air Max Day 2018 across our entire HQ in Los Angeles. Air Max Day is one of the biggest events in the Nike calendar and we helped bring it to life in true Secret Walls fashion - including an All-Star Battle and artist-led Secret Walls Academy youth workshop.
The warehouse space was home to an epic Secret Walls battle featuring big name artists like Drew Merritt, Reeder One and Miryam Lumpini while our pop-up gallery featured Nike Air product displays and our art yard had murals, food and drink in abundance!



Sports and community have always been huge influences on what we do at Secret Walls and specifically in the formation of our official soccer team Harvard Heights FC. For HHFC's first official collaboration, the team partnered with Puma Football and local soccer store Niky's Sports on a limited edition PUMA Future 5.1 Netfit soccer cleat directly inspired by our neighborhood.
Designed by Secret Walls' Creative Director Jimi, the collaboration featured one black & white boot to represent the signature black & white style Secret Walls is known for and one colorful boot with a palate pulled from the sun-bleached City of Los Angeles Seal on Pico-Union. Each detail was thoughtfully chosen to encapsulate the area and the team’s unique experience. Even the laces featured “Pico-Union” text pulled right off a street sign.
As if limited edition boots weren't enough, the collab also had an accompanying film! Jimi co-directed the piece with SW Creative Emmett Methven. The film features MLS superstars Bradley Wright-Phillips, Tristan Blackmon and Jonathon dos Santos, as well as cameos from Harvard Heights FC players like Jez Dior all sporting exclusive HHFC x PUMA sportswear.



Secret Walls joined forces with MLS and Adidas as well as animator JapaneseDad to create a 15 second 3D animation social media spot to announce MLS' PrimeBlue jersey initiative. The PrimeBlue project utilizes recovered ocean plastic to create beautiful blue limited edition MLS club jerseys that can be seen worn by players and fans alike.
The animation was directed by SW Creative Director Jimi along with JapaneseDad and is a bold and soulful vignette that briefly illustrates the journey of a PrimeBlue jersey from plastic to product while also functioning as a majestic piece of art in its own right.



We partnered with Ubisoft to enhance their vision of what in-game graphics could be for Tom Clancy’s renowned video game “The Division”. Our team curated some of the worlds’ most iconic street artists for an in-game creative campaign of their work that led to massive awareness and accolades for the game as well as the artists involved. This was one of the first platforms where real street art was integrated into an interactive gaming platform.
“The Division” was the highest grossing game in the world and set up a sequel, which led to another Secret Walls collaboration and additional success to Ubisoft's beloved franchise.



Secret Walls worked with longtime collaborator MLS to curate and capture the 2018 and 2019 MLS RIVALRY WEEK shows in NYC, LA and Cincinnati, OH. We hosted huge 3 vs 3 battle events where all star artists were representing their home town teams, then filled the venues with live music, E-sports tournaments, limited edition custom merch, local food favorites and all around awesome vibes.
We executed a suite of full service offerings including the vetting of venues, permitting, end to end production, talent bookings, shooting original content with players and artists, 5+ large scale OOH murals, all driven by a national creative campaign designed by Secret Walls.



Secret Walls HQ was the venue of choice to host the launch party for Puma's BLKOUT collection. This involved four Puma sponsored soccer teams (Arsenal, Borussia Dortmund, Chiva and Newcastle United) showcasing their latest limited edition kits. We produced the event alongside Kicks to the Pitch and executed hand painted custom murals throughout the venue.
Outside of the venue, we created a soccer assault course in our mural yard where participants were timed on various skill challenges. Oh, and we also a threw an exclusive one night only FOMO inducing pop up event that had lines wrapped around LA.



Secret Walls worked with the NBA and sportswear powerhouse 47 to curate a roster of international talent from our network - including legends OG Slick, Ron English, Dragon, Kevin Lyons, Kashink and more - to reinterpret the look of select American team apparel, pennants and headwear with their own unique styles.